Renegade Game Studios' Unstoppable, a new rogue-lite deck-building game by John D Clair, is currently fully-funded on Kickstarter.

In this game, players craft and customize their cards to take on three unique bosses on the sci-fi themed world of Ceres II.  The card-crafting system featured in this game allows players to combine up to four cards to make various completed cards. The gameplay experience evolves as the game goes on, and can be played as either a cooperative game or in a solo mode.  Unstoppable also has stunning artwork, showcasing over 230 illustrations from two design studios and more than a dozen illustrators.

The game is for one to two players, ages 14 and up, and plays in 30-90 minutes.  The retailer tier for the Kickstarter is $135, and includes three copies of the core game, 6 playmats, and 3 sets of the unlocked stretch goal items. Unstoppable's crowd-funding campaign currently stands at $106,921 raised from 1,605 backers (about $67 per backer).

Renegade Game Studios will also release Risk: Godstorm, a new version of the classic game of Risk  (see "'Risk: Godstorm'").