The Pokemon Company International will release Scarlet & Violet - Stellar Crown, a new set for Pokemon TCG, into retail on September 13, 2024.

Scarlet & Violet - Stellar Crown sends Trainers on a journey to unlock the potential of the Terastal phenomenon. The new set features the Legendary Pokemon Terapagos, Cinderace ex, Lapras ex, and Galvantula ex, which all appear as Stellar Tera Pokemon ex. This set has over a dozen new Pokemon ex, more ACE SPEC cards, and 20 Trainer cards.  There are over 170 cards to be discovered in this new release, over 30 of which have special illustrations.

The set showcases the usual array of SKUs: Booster Displays (MSRP $161.64), Blister Displays (MSRP $87.99), 3-Booster Blister Cases (MSRP $335.76), a Bundle (MSRP $26.94), Sleeved Pack Booster Cases (MSRP $645.56), and the ETB (MSRP $49.99). The ETB box art features Stellar Form Terapagos, and it comes with its usual array of goodies plus a full-art Noctowl promo card.

For more information on Pokemon TCG releases, check out ICv2's 2024 release calendar (see "2024 Product Release Calendar").

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