Dynamic Forces Inc., the parent company of Dynamite Entertainment, announced a formal agreement with Universal Studios Consumer Product Group to produce comics based on the new Sci Fi Channel Battlestar Galactica series (see 'Battlestar Galactica Comics').  Dynamite Entertainment hopes to launch the ongoing BSG comic book, which Greg Pak will write, in the fourth quarter.  The Sci Fi Channel has renewed the Battlestar Galactica TV series for a second season (see 'Battlestar Galactica Renewed') and the BSG series has become one of the most popular new science fiction programs on cable.

Greg Pak, an award winning writer and film director who has written several projects for Marvel (including the very well-received X-Men: Phoenix-Endsong), will be scripting the ongoing Dynamite Battlestar Galactica comic.

In addition to the Dynamite comic book series retailers wishing to exploit the merchandising potential of Battlestar Galactica will also have BSG trading cards from Rittenhouse, books and magazines from Titan, action figures from Joyride Studios as well as DVDs of both the new and the original BSG series.