Dreamworks has announced plans to bring the time-traveling adventures of Mr. Peabody & Sherman to the big screen in a computer animated feature directed by Rob Minkoff, co-director of arguably the most popular animated film of all time, The Lion King.  Mr. Peabody & Sherman will be the first animated feature that Minkoff, who directed the live action Stuart Little and Haunted Mansion movies, has made since The Lion King.


The new film will be based on Mr. Peabody & Sherman, one of the most popular features of Jay Ward's classic Rocky & Bullwinkle series.  In more than 90 adventures Mr. Peabody, the world's most intelligent dog, and his 'pet boy,' Sherman, explored (and often shaped) the flow of history thanks to Mr. Peabody's WABAC (pronounced 'Wayback') Machine, which transported the duo to key moments in history where Mr. Peabody's superior intellect would put things right.  Then the canine genius would end every episode with the sort of pun that can only be described as a 'real groaner.'  The problem for Minkoff and Dreamworks will be expanding the jewel-like workings of the very short 'Mr. Peabody' episodes to feature length.