New anime company Illumitoon has announced its third anime license, BT' X  and BT'X Neo.

The series focuses on Teppei, the caretaker of a northern Japanese farm. When his brother, Kotarou is kidnapped by a nefarious group known as the Machine Empire, Teppei decides to save him. Aiding Teppei is BT'X, a highly advanced robot with mystical powers.  However, the Empire has BT's of their own and will use their powers to stop Teppei's quest.


The series was created by Masami Kurumada, the original creator and scripter of the Saint Seiya series.  The original BT' X aired as a 25-episode series and was followed by a 14-episode series entitled BT' X Neo.  Illumitoon plans to import the entire 39-episode run.


This is the third Illumitoon anime license announced to date (see 'Illumitoon Licenses Second Series).


Ilumitoon representatives said the BT' X series should launch next year.