Over the last two months, the first-week DVD sales record has fallen four times, with each new blockbuster breaking the record set by the previous one.  Pearl Harbor, the most recent such blockbuster, sold 3.7 million DVDs in its first week on sale last week.  That topped the 3 million DVD record set two weeks earlier by How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  Grinch beat the 2.5 million DVD record set by Shrek (see 'First Weekend Results -- Stores Beat Box Office'), which broke the previous 2.2 million DVD record set by Phantom Menace (see 'Phantom Menace Breaks Record') in October.  This incredible series of new records shows no sign of being over (how many DVDs will Harry Potter sell in the first week it's on sale?), and it serves to make crystal-clear that the DVD format is revolutionizing not only home video but the filmed entertainment business as well.  There are many opportunities for pop culture retailers to grab a piece of the growth of this new format, which is penetrating American households faster than any new technology in history.  For our analysis of those opportunities, see 'Pop Culture Stores and DVDs'.