The Great Wiz and the Rukus OGN
Publisher: BOOM! Studios (kaboom!)
Release Date: February 2019
Cover Price: $14.99
Writer/Artist: Joey McCormick
Cover: Joey McCormick
Format: 208 pgs., Full-Color, Trade Paperback
Rating: N/A

A young wizard must bring together the great wizards of the Realm and find the next "Great Wizard" in order to save their world from Calamity and Ruckus.

Red is a Wiz tasked with finding the other Wiz’s of the realm so they can band together to form the Great Wiz, a being of light, and destroy the growing evil darkness known only as the Ruckus.  On this journey, he meets Bog Wiz, Sad Dad, and Feather Duster—but soon their fate rests on the shoulders of a young Wiz named Bean who is too strong, too hot-headed, and completely untested to be any real help.  Bean might not be ready to be the hero the world needs, but Red is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that the Ruckus doesn’t win.

An all-new original graphic novel by cartoonist Joey McCormick (Adventure Time), with colors by Whitney Cogar (Steven Universe).

Description of preview: 6 total pages (Cover and 5 interior pages).