Acceptance of Lex Luthor's "Dark Gifts" places the DC Universe's heroes under attack from their most lethal foes.  "Dark Gifts" is the featured theme for August, as the vilest villains in the DC Universe take up Lex Luthor's offer to be the ultimate versions of themselves, destroying their arch-foes—DC's greatest heroes—in the process.

DC's heroes are in for a world of trouble as evident by a series of covers featuring "battle-damaged" versions of their logos.  From Action Comics to Wonder Woman, these covers provide a significant visual cue to the epic struggles within each issue.  As the "Year of the Villain" continues to escalate throughout September and beyond, the cover logos will sustain increased damage, leading to a line-wide villain takeover in November.

The "battle-damaged" logo covers will be appearing in comic shops this coming August:

•   Action Comics #1014 – Cover by Brandon Peterson (On sale August 28)
•   Aquaman #51 – Cover by Robson Rocha and Jason Paz (On sale August 21)
•   Batgirl #38 – Cover by Carmine Di Giandomenico (On sale August 28)
•   Batman #76 – Cover by Tony S. Daniel (On sale August 7)
•   Batman and the Outsiders #4 – Cover by Tyler Kirkham (On sale August 14)
•   Catwoman #14 – Cover by Joëlle Jones (On sale August 14)
•   Deathstroke #46 – Cover by Carlo Pagulayan and Norm Rapmund (On sale August 7)
•   Detective Comics #1009 – Cover by Doug Mahnke (On sale August 14)
•   The Flash #76 – Cover by Rafa Sandoval and Jordi Tarragona (On sale August 14)
•   Harley Quinn #64 – Cover by Guillem March (On sale August 7)
•   Hawkman #15 – Cover by Pat Olliffe and Tom Palmer (On Sale August 14)
•   Justice League #29 – Cover by Francis Manapul (On sale August 7)
•   Justice League Dark #14 – Cover by Guillem March (On sale August 28)
•   Justice League Odyssey #12 – Cover by Will Conrad (On sale August 14)
•   Nightwing #63 – Cover by Bruno Redondo (On sale August 21)
•   Red Hood: Outlaw #37 – Cover by Kenneth Rocafort (On sale August 28)
•   Supergirl #33 – Cover by Eduardo Pansica (On sale August 14)
•   Superman #14 – Cover by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado (On sale August 14)
•   Teen Titans #33 – Cover by Bernard Chang (On sale August 21)
•   The Terrifics #19 – Cover by Dan Mora (On sale August 28)
•   Wonder Woman #76 – Cover by Jesus Merino (On sale August 14)

Click on the Gallery below to see full-sized images of the "battle-damaged" logo covers.