Harleen #1
Publisher:  DC Black Label
Release Date:  September 25, 2019
Writer, Artist, Cover:  Stjepan Sejic
Format:  Oversize issues in large-print format

Harleen is a three-issue limited series that reimagines the story of the love affair between Dr. Harleen Quinzel and the Joker, which leads her to become the super-villain Harley Quinn. “HARLEEN is a story of a flawed person who meant well, a doctor who fell in love with her patient,” Sejic said. “It is a story of her road to hell—paved with good intentions—and a smile that cost her her soul. More than anything it is a tale about good people falling. Falling in love, falling from grace, and falling apart.”

Description of preview:  6 total pages (5 interior pages plus cover)