Publisher Description:  In April, the Marvel Zombies are back in a big way when the corpse of Galactus' arrives on Earth in Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Leonard Kirk's Marvel Zombies: Resurrection!  In anticipation for the coming of this interstellar terror, your favorite Marvel heroes have been zombified in a collection of hauntingly beautiful variant covers!  Feast your decaying eyes on them below and look for these horrors on the cover of our hottest titles this April!

Look for the following "Marvel Zombie" variants at a comic shop near you:

  • Avengers #33 "Marvel Zombies Variant" by Ryan Benjamin
  • Captain America #21 "Marvel Zombies Variant" by Patch Zircher
  • Cable #2 "Marvel Zombies Variant" by David Yardin
  • Daredevil #20 "Marvel Zombies Variant" by Will Sliney
  • Doctor Doom #7 "Marvel Zombies Variant" by Miguel Mercado
  • Dr. Strange #5 "Marvel Zombies Variant" by Luke Ross
  • New Warriors #1 "Marvel Zombies Variant" by Declan Shalvey
  • X-Men #10 "Marvel Zombies Variant" by Ryan Brown

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