Publisher Description:  The Ranger Slayer – AKA Kimberly Hart, the Pink Mighty Morphin Power Ranger from the alternate universe once ruled by Lord Dakkon – returns home and nothing is like she expected.  In a world that remembers her as a villain, can Kimberly show her universe that she’s become a hero… and is that even the right thing to do?  Confronted by an old foe in a terrifying new form and finding her home in chaos, Kimberly will make a stunning choice that no Power Rangers fan can miss.

Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer #1 is by writer Ryan Parrott (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers) and artist Dan Mora (Once and Future, Klaus).  This all-new one-shot is scheduled for release on June 3, 2020.

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