Legend Story Studios unveiled new cards for Crucible of War, the upcoming set for Flesh and Blood TCG coming out on August 28 (see "Legend Story Studios Reveals New 'Flesh and Blood' Set").

This supplementary booster set features 24 packs to a displays with each booster pack containing 7 Commons cards, a Rare card, a Rare/Majestic/Legendary card, and a Premium Foil card.  The set features, in total, a Fabled card, 2 Legendary cards, 36 Majestic cards, 56 Rare cards, and 103 Common cards.  LSS is also offering Rainbow foil versions of the Welcome to Rathe hero cards, Bravo, Showstopper, Dorinthea Ironsong, Katsu, the Wanderer, and Rhinar, Reckless Rampage, as Crucible of War buy-a-box promos available only at qualifying FLGS (while supplies last).

The cards included in this preview are as follows:

  • Aether Conduit
  • Courage of Bladehold
  • Gambler's Gloves
  • Mandible Claw
  • Mangle
  • Metacarpus Node (ICv2 Exclusive Reveal)
  • Reaping Blade
  • Reinforce the Line
  • Remorseless
  • Talishar, the Lost Prince

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