James Bond: Reflections of Death OGN HC
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Release Date: September 16, 2020
Cover Price: $24.99
Writer(s): Benjamin Percy, Greg Pak, Andy Diggle, Gail Simone, Mark Russell, Vita Ayala & Danny Lore
Artist(s): Dean Kotz, Luca Casalanguida, Kewber Baal, Eoin Marron, Robert Carey, Jordi Perez
Cover: Fay Dalton
Format: 128 pgs., Full-Color, Hardcover
Rating: Teen+

Publisher Description:  Six stunning stories, featuring the world's greatest spy!  Moneypenny has been kidnapped, and the mystery of who has her, and what they want, will only be revealed when (if?) 007 is able to complete his incredible missions.

128 stunning pages of non-stop thrills and intrigue!

Description of preview: 6 total pages (Cover and 5 interior pages).