Publisher Description:  Comic books have generated billions for dollars for video games and movies, but not for comic books themselves.  A store owner, an editor and a journalist have come together to release the first of a series of guidebooks that introduces people to the world of comics which is rich in storytelling, ideas, and creators of color.

The Access Guide to the Black Comic Book Community 2020-2021 is the book from Anyone Comics owner Dimitrios Fragiskatos, Heavy Metal’s Executive Editor Joseph Illidge, and Comics Beat/ Black journalist and contributor George Carmona 3rd.  The purpose of the book is to showcase Black creators who have comics or graphic novels that have come out in 2020, as well as showcase publishers themselves and the ideas and goals they are setting in the new year.  Additionally, the book will highlight stores and conventions that are Black owned or run.  The book will be a vehicle for casual readers, who feel overwhelmed by the options the comic book industry provides, or from store regulars who may want to expand their horizons.

Look for The Access Guide to the Black Comic Book Community in comic book stores on February 17th.  Proceeds from the publisher will be donated to the Dwayne McDuffie fund.

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