Ultimate X-Men #1
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: March 6, 2024
Cover Price: $5.99
Writer: Peach Momoko
Artist: Peach Momoko
Cover(s): Peach Momoko (Main) & Various Variants (see below)
Format: 40 pgs., Full-Color
Rating: Teen+

Publisher Description.  Marvel Comics' new Ultimate line is in full swing with readers still buzzing about Jonathan Hickman and Marco Checchetto's Ultimate Spider-Man #1 and Bryan Hill and Stefano Caselli's Ultimate Black Panther #1 hitting stands next week.  The excitement increases tenfold in March when renowned writer and artist Peach Momoko brings the Children of the Atom into this thrilling new storytelling landscape in Ultimate X-Men #1.

Set in Japan, Ultimate X-Men will star Hisako Ichiki, AKA Armor, a fan-favorite young X-Man who debuted in Astonishing X-Men.  When she discovers her unusual exoskeleton powers, the new Ultimate Universe's Armor's normal life is shattered as she becomes the first of a new generation of mutants!  Witness the X-Men mythos like you've never seen before as Momoko blends the classic mutant metaphor with Japanese folklore and urban legends.  The resulting saga infuses horror into the franchise's trademark mutant origin stories as Armor must overcome her darkest fears in order to unlock her full mutant potential.

  • Main Cover by Peach Momoko
  • Variant Cover by Peach Momoko
  • Design Variant Cover by Peach Momoko (1:10)
  • Variant Cover by Inhyuk Lee
  • Virgin Variant Cover by Inhyuk Lee (1:100)
  • Variant Cover by Betsy Cola
  • Variant Cover by Dike Ruan
  • Variant Cover by Mark Brooks
  • Virgin Variant Cover by Mark Brooks (1:100)
  • Variant Cover by Aka (1:25)

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