Sponsored.  UVS Games has teamed up with Kodansha, to bring a legendary IP to the UniVersus CCG: the globally acclaimed and New York Times best-selling manga series Attack on Titan.

We are excited to collaborate with Kodansha to bring the original manga source of Attack on Titan to UniVersus.  The card art featured in our sets will be reimagined artwork from the manga, so fans will enjoy seeing their favorite characters brought to life through these cards.  This represents a departure from our previous work by depicting colored manga panels on our cards.

Attack on Titan: Battle for Humanity Release Date
We have previously announced that the first booster set is named Attack on Titan: Battle for Humanity.  We are happy to announce the release date of Attack on Titan: Battle for Humanity booster set, Clash Decks, and a Challenger Series product will be August 16, 2024.

The Clash Decks, starring Mikasa and Levi, will be a great starting point for new players.  The Challenger Series featuring Eren will continue to deliver a competitive deck which includes highly desirable cards both for collectors and for players.

The themes and story events found within the manga will be expressed through the card art and gameplay of the set.  Players can find the whole gamut of what they would come to expect from this world such as massive titans with huge attacks, soldiers bravely battling and fast, nimble humans trying to avoid capture.

The team at UVS Games has spent countless hours scouring the manga to make sure each card truly delivers an experience that will match the Attack on Titan fan expectations.  We will be delivering the authenticity and characters from the manga to what could be the BIGGEST UniVersus release ever.

Two of the main characters in the Attack on Titan story are Eren and Mikasa.  They have a long history since their childhood, with the journey they share and their complicated relationship forming a main part of the story told within the manga.  The adult versions of these two characters will be featured prominently throughout the Attack on Titan: Battle for Humanity set, and we will be revealing their art from the set in the near future.

Demo Kits
Before the release of the main set, in the month of May, we will be releasing Demo Kits featuring Attack on Titan demo materials.  The purpose of these Demo Kits is to allow players to go to LGSs and learn how to play.  That way when the full set releases, they'll be ready for battle!

As you can see from the art, the demo kits depict the characters when they were younger, unlike the versions you will find in the main set, Battle for Humanity.

The demo kit will include two new demo decks completely themed upon Attack on Titan, an updated demo script, and all items necessary for a store to teach this new release to new players. We have improved the demo experience with everything we’ve learned over the past year of working with stores to run demo events.  This Attack on Titan UniVersus demo experience will be the best, cleanest, and most effective yet.

This demo kit will be released in advance of Attack on Titan: Battle for Humanity so that stores will have the opportunity to provide demos for their players and build excitement ahead of the set release.

We are also planning an opportunity for stores to experience the new demo with Attack on Titan cards for the first time at GAMA Expo (March 3-7, Louisville, KY) at our booth 126 and during the Game Night events.

Attack on Titan will allow us to expand into a new art direction.  With UVS Games offering a new demo experience along with several promotions yet to be announced, we believe the UniVersus CCG Attack on Titan set will be one of the largest players and stores will experience.

We will continue to announce more details around the product and promotions leading up to the release, so follow us on our social media or subscribe to our newsletter by contacting us at lgs@uvsgames.com for the latest information.

For more information on UniVersus CCG, visit UVSgames.com.

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