Sponsored.  The ongoing Dick Tracy comic series by Alex Segura (Secret Identity), Michael Moreci (Barbaric), and Geraldo Borges (Thunderbolts) with Chantelle Aimée Osman (The Rejects), is a mature, modern take on the character – a neo-noir, uncompromising thriller that promises to energize the Dick Tracy character much in the same way that Casino Royale did for James Bond.

We're happy to share a special message from Alex and Michael in advance of the series' April launch, courtesy of Mad Cave Studios!

The road to Dick Tracy has been a long one.  Many of you may not know this, but we tried launching a new Dick Tracy comic series all the way back in 2017.  It was publicly announced, in fact, on December 12 of that year—only to be canceled the very same day.  The reason, succinctly: a rights snafu.

No one was to blame, but we were, to be frank, left heartbroken.  We were in love with this story, these characters, and this world, and we took great pride in bringing Dick Tracy to a new audience. We cared, and we cared deeply.  We thought our vision for a grounded, noir-tinged Dick Tracy story needed to be out there.

Which is why we never gave up.

For the past six years, we—along with our partner, Chantelle—have remained vigilant, waiting for our opportunity to personally acquire the rights to Dick Tracy.  We waited, and we waited, and when the time came, we were not only ready, but we had proven to the Tribune company (who own Dick Tracy and license publishing rights) that we were passionate and dedicated enough to be trusted with one of comics’ greatest legacies.

Now, we’re looking for the same trust from you, the readers, retailers, and Dick Tracy faithful.

As creatives, we don’t like to make grand overtures or promises when it comes to what people may or may not like.  How anyone responds to a story will always be a mystery (if it wasn’t, everything we’ve created would be on the bestseller list!).  But what we can promise is this: Everyone involved—including us, Geraldo, Mark, Jim, Chantelle, and everyone at Mad Cave—is doing their absolute best work.  We love the Dick Tracy universe, and we feel such an awesome responsibility in bringing him, his allies, and his rogues gallery into the modern world.  We want to create the kind of story that isn’t just a fun Dick Tracy tale, but a great crime comic.

And make no mistake: This is a new Dick Tracy.  We honor, thoroughly, the Chester Gould legacy, but we never ape it. We’ve spent our lives studying and absorbing all the canon, but our aim isn’t to replicate the past but to carve a path into a bold new future.  Inspired by works such as L.A. ConfidentialCriminalThe Untouchables, and other noir-infused fare, our goal is to make Dick Tracy feel as timeless as he’s ever been.

Join us on this journey into a day for the world’s greatest pulp comic detective, Dick Tracy.  You won’t regret it.

—Michael and Alex

Dick Tracy #1-5 comprises the first complete storyline, with a consistent variant cover program across all issues that entails:

  • Cover A - By interior artist Geraldo Borges
  • Cover B - Connecting cover by Brent Schoonover
  • Cover C - By Shawn Martinbrough
  • Cover D – Blank Sketch
  • Cover E – 1:10 Retailer Incentive by Francesco Francavilla
  • Cover F – 1:20 Retailer Incentive by Dan Panosian

However, here's some great news for dedicated fans and collectors!  To launch the debut #1 issue in a big way, Mad Cave is offering three additional #1 cover variants through comic shops: Cover C from Shawn Martinbrough, a Cover D Blank Sketch edition that aspiring and established artists can use to create their own interpretation of the character, and a second Retailer Incentive cover featuring art by industry superstar Dan Panosian.

We’re excited about Dick Tracy, and hope you are, too!  2024 will be an explosive return for the iconic detective and his rogues’ gallery, and Mad Cave Studios appreciates your support!  Visit Mad Cave's dedicated Dick Tracy website to learn more about the creative team, see a sneak preview of the story, and learn how to acquire copies for yourself!

Click on Gallery below and check out the covers and preview pages for Dick Tracy #1.