WizKids is expanding its long-running tactical starship combat game Star Trek: Attack Wing with a new product format.  The Star Trek: Attack Wing Romulan Faction Pack 1 and Dominion Faction Pack 1 will both release in September.

Faction Packs will be larger than the single-ship packaging WizKids has used for the game to date.  Each Faction Pack will include four pre-painted ship models from that faction’s fleet, along with all of the bases, pegs, dials, connectors, cards, and tokens needed to use those ships in the game.  The Romulan Faction Pack 1 will feature four Romulan ships, while the Dominion Faction Pack 1 comes with four Dominion ships.

The new packaging allows players to quickly assemble a fleet for that faction, and at a much lower pricepoint.  Faction Packs will be MSRP $29.99, equal to two of the older single ship packs.

WizKids has been changing up its offerings for Star Trek:  Attack Wing, with the recent announcement of unpainted models (see “WizKids Launches Fleet of Unpainted ‘Star Trek’ Ships”) and the upcoming Card Packs (see “WizKids Introduces ‘Star Trek:  Attack Wing Card Packs’”).  The new product formats were part of broad changes in the line announced last December, along with revised and updated rules for the game (see “WizKids Reworks ‘Star Trek Attack Wing’”).