WizKids is launching a number of major changes for its Star Trek Attack Wing to support sales.  Perhaps the most significant product news is that WizKids will introduce faction packs as a new product line.  Each faction pack will include a fleet of ships that will allow new players to field a team from the same faction, and also offer a lower-priced way to acquire a fleet for existing players.

WizKids is also increasing its discount off MSRP on all Star Trek Attack Wing products, effective immediately.  “Our goal is to provide an immediate boost in return on investment for retailers currently supporting the line, while enticing new retailers to adopt STAW in their store,” the company said.

New rules are being introduced, via a digital version of the revised rulebook that incorporates rulings and FAQs released online.  WizKids promises that no products will become obsolete for players using the new rules.

Another new configuration of STAW products is a content-only pack at a lower price point.  Each pack will be associated with specified previously released ships.  The content in these packs will support updated rules for ship models of the same type. 

WizKids is also promising to continue to improve the paint quality on the STAW line.

The company has previously announced Star Trek Attack Wing releases through Wave 29 (see “’Star Trek:  Attack Wing’ Wave 29”), scheduled for March.