Humanoids has announced its September 2017 releases.  Most interestingly, Humanoids is continuing its push into all-ages comics with another installment in its kid-friendly line of English language adaptations (see “Gargoyles and Jodorowsky”).

Halloween Tales from Olivier Boiscommun and Denis-Pierre Filippi is a collection of three stories “Halloween,” “The Book of Jack,” and “The Story of Joe.”  Crafted in a similar, illustrative vein to Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas and other animated shorts for children, Halloween Tales debuts on September 13 and retails for $24.95. 

Also in September is Humanoids’ trade paperback edition of The Retreat, from Snow Day author Pierre Wazem and new illustrator Tom Tirabosco.  Based on the French Weekend Avec Premeditation, the Retreat is another new addition in Humanoids’ diversification of its line from strictly European science fiction.  The story follows two friends who leave for a weekend in a mountain cabin, where they drudge up a lifetime of memories, including the disappearance of the third friend. Released in conjunction with Suicide Prevention Month on September 6, this dramatic tale is a black and white edition and will retail for $14.95. 

Nathan Wilson