Humanoids has announced its August 2017 lineup which will include two English language editions of previously released materials.

First up is an all-ages story entitled Gregory and the Gargoyles.  Written by Denis-Pierre Filippi with art by J. Etienne and Silvio Camboni, this is a book of magic and adventure as a young outcast is unexpectedly thrust back in time to an age of sorcery and magical beasts.  This hardcover is full color and 96 pages, and it will retail for $12.95.  It debuts August 23.

Next is the latest addition in Humanoids’ re-releasing of classic Jodorowsky comics, the Metabarons 3: Steelhead & Dona Vicenta.  Collecting the original volumes of Steelhead and Dona Vicenta, this is a full color, 132-page paperback edition that will retail for $14.95.  This new volume follows Volume 1: Othon & Honoraria and Volume 2: Aghnar & Oda (see “Carthago Returns and More Jodorowsky”).  It will be available August 9. 

Nathan Wilson