Knight Models has shared details and images of new resin figures for its licensed Batman Miniature Game and DC Universe Miniatures Game scheduled to release in August.

To celebrate the upcoming release of the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game (see “Preorders Open for 'Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game'”), Knight Models will be releasing a special sculpt at Gen Con this week: Luna Lovegood with Lion Hat.

Knight Models other exclusive Gen Con release is for the Batman Miniature Game: Batman’s Nightmare.  Both miniatures will be available at authorized Knight Models retailers and at Knight Models’ website until August 16.  MSRP is $18.00 each.

Batman Miniature Game

  • Joker’s Clowns  - $30.00
  • Batgirl - $18.00
  • Joker’s Daughter - $15.00
  • Talia Al’Ghul - $15.00
  • Falcone Crime Family  - $35.00
  • Poison Ivy & Plants (comic) (multiverse) - $35.00

DC Universe

  • Blue Beetle & Booster Gold (multiverse) - $24.00
  • Huntress (multiverse) - $18.00
  • King Shark (TV Show) (multiverse) - $30.00

[NOTE:  Any figure marked "multiverse" are playable in both games.]

All miniatures are supplied unpainted and unassembled.

Knight Models unveiled upcoming supper releases for both Miniature Games at the end of June (see "'Dark Knights' Join 'Batman,' 'DC Universe Miniature Game'").

(See images of all miniatures in the Gallery below!)