Knight Models has announced plans for upcoming releases of new resin figures for its Batman Miniature Game and DC Universe Miniature Game.  The new models are expected to release later this summer.

All of the new miniatures announced are “Multiverse” models that are compatible with both of the Knight Model games.  The upcoming releases and their respective MSRP are:

New Miniature Sets

There will be three sets of new models:

  • Dark Knights - $35.00
  • The Batman Who Laughs - $18.00
  • The Ventriloquist and Mobsters - $35.00

Recast Miniature Sets

Four sets of miniatures originally offered in metal are now being offered in resin:

  • Lex Luthor Warsuit & Heavy Trooper - $30.00
  • Lex Luthor & Lexcorp Troopers - $41.00
  • Batman (Rebirth) - $18.00
  • Killer Frost - $15.00

Click on the Gallery below for images of the models.

All miniatures come unpainted and some assembly may be required.

The Dark Knights set, which includes The Merciless, The Drowned, and The Red Death and The Batman Who Laughs sets are all based on the Dark Nights: Metal series of comics and graphic novels (see “Three ‘Metal’ Collections”).  The Dark Knights Metal – Dark Knights Rising HC collection was released in comic stores on June 20.

Earlier this year, Knight Models started accepting pre-orders for its Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game, expected to release before the holidays (see “Preorders Open for ‘Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game’”).