Privateer Press has announced Iron Kingdoms:  Requiem, a new version of its role playing game set in the world of Warmachine, built around the 5E gaming engine.

Combining elements of steampunk and sword-and-sorcery fantasy, Iron Kingdoms:  Requiem takes players to war-torn Immoren in the time after infernal powers invaded the world in the event known as the “Claiming.”  The game features classes that combine magic and technology such as the pistol-wielding Gun Mage, Warcasters who command 10-ton steam-powered war machines, and more.

The Iron Kingdoms:  Requiem Campaign Setting book will include the background of the game setting, from Immoren’s history to the current situation following the Claiming.  The world itself and many of its locations are also described in a gazetteer.  Rounding out the book are rules for the character classes and races unique to the setting, new feats, spells, and character backgrounds, as well as rules for its arcane technology, from firearms to mechanika.

Two additional books are planned to support the initial launch, including the Monsternomicon, featuring more than 80 monsters unique to the setting, and an introductory adventure campaign called Legend of the Witchfire, designed to take new characters from level 1 to level 4.  A GM screen will also be offered.

Final page counts and MSRP have not been announced.

Privateer Press is raising funding for the production of Iron Kingdoms:  Requiem through a Kickstarter campaign that has attracted $307,176 in pledged support from 3,278 backers as of this writing (an average of $92.71 per backer) with 14 days remaining in the campaign.  The company is inviting game retailers to support the campaign with a small deposit through a retailer-only package that includes three copies of each title.  Backer fulfillment is scheduled for September with release into the trade to follow.

The previous version of Iron Kingdoms, called Iron Kingdoms Unleashed was launched in 2015 (see “‘Iron Kingdoms Unleashed’ Corebook Scheduled”).

The company recently announced new releases for Warcaster:  Neo-Mechanika (see “Privateer Press Reveals ‘Warcaster’ Empyrean Details”) and Monsterpocalypse (see “Privateer Press Unveils Two New ‘Monsterpocalypse’ Starter Sets”).