Warhammer Quest:  Cursed City will be the next title in Games Workshop’s series of miniatures-based adventure board games.  It will be available for pre-order starting this weekend.

Set in the city of Ulfenkarn, ruled over by the vampiric Radukar the Wolf and his Thirsting Court, Cursed City confronts players with the double threats of malign influence from the vampire lord and overwhelming fear caused by the Shyish Necroquake.  They must balance completing “Hunt” journeys to fight Radukar’s minions, “Scavange” journeys to seek treasure and strengthen their characters, and “Deliverance” journeys played on random maps where they try to rescue hapless townsfolk from the Suffocating Gravetide.  If the vampire’s influence or fear of the Gravetide grows too strong, the players lose.  Only by fighting their way through all of Radukar’s lieutenants and confronting the vampire lord can they hope to free the city.

Cursed City includes 60 unpainted Citadel miniatures, modular map board tiles, and all of the cards, tokens, and dice needed to play the game.  Also in the box are books explaining the game rules, a history of Ulfenkarn, and a Quest Book detailing the campaign to save the city.  MSRP has not been announced.

Click Gallery below to see images of the miniatures and other components.

This will be the third fantasy “dungeon” for Warhammer Quest, following 2016’s Silver Tower (see “GW Pulls ‘Warhammer Quest’ From its Vaults”) and 2017’s Shadows Over Hammerhal (see “‘Warhammer Quest’ Dives into New Dungeon”).  A Warhammer 40,000-set version, Blackstone Fortress launched in 2018, with the final expansion for that setting released last year (see “Games Workshop Announces Final Expansion for ‘Warhammer Quest:  Blackstone Fortress’”).