Games Workshop has returned to its roots again to produce a new edition of its fantasy roleplaying board game Warhammer Quest.  The new version, Warhammer Quest:  Silver Tower, will release on May 21.

Originally released in 1995, Warhammer Quest combines elements of board games and roleplaying games in a now-familiar format.  Bands of heroes explore a series of dungeons, gathering powerful relics and growing in power from adventure to adventure.  Players must work together towards a common goal, while trying to claim glory for themselves.  The Silver Tower of the title is the lair of the powerful Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch:  a twisting, ever-changing labyrinth full of traps, riddles, and sanity-rending horrors. 

Warhammer Quest:  Silver Tower has updated the game, with all-new game mechanics.  No longer based on the “overlord” style of play, Silver Tower uses randomly generated dungeons and has the players share the responsibility of controlling the monsters and events of the dungeon.  The new edition is set in the new Warhammer: Age of Sigmar world, with the heroes and villains reflecting the new style and background stories of that setting.

The game will include 52 plastic miniatures, a 40-page rulebook, a 40-page adventure book, 42 game cards, and 13 double-sided dungeon tiles showing rooms and corridors of the Silver Tower.  Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is intended for 2 to 4 players.  MSRP is $150.00.

Games Workshop will support the new edition with a smartphone app that expands the hero options available and tracks character development over the course of the campaign.  A novel telling the history of the Silver Tower is also planned.

Warhammer Quest:  Silver Tower will have no relation to the card-based Warhammer Quest released by Fantasy Flight Games last year (see “FFG Reincarnates ‘Warhammer Quest’”).