Sports and entertainment agency Creative Artists Agency (CAA) has signed Tapas Media and will work with the webtoon publisher to help sell its Studo Tapas properties to other media.

Last December, Tapas launched its Studio Tapas division to develop and publish original webcomics and web novels that are wholly owned by Tapas Media. Editors there work with creators to optimize their stories for the Tapas platform as well as for other media worldwide. Studio Tapas also develops adaptations of its original content for other media, including print, film, and television. For its part, CAA will work with those properties, packaging and selling the properties for film, television, and digital platforms both domestically and internationally.

“Tapas Media is aggressively moving into producing feature films and television series based on its rich content library of webcomics and webnovels,” said Kevin Nicklaus, Tapas Head of Film and TV, in a statement released with the announcement. “CAA will be a vital partner in our strategic growth, connecting us with the right partners to bring our inclusive stories to audiences in exciting new ways.”

Tapas says it has over 246 million monthly views, with nine million registered users and 99,000 series. Tapas Media was acquired by the Korean giant Kakao earlier this year in a $550 million deal (see “In Digital Comics Mega-Deal, Tapas Is Suddenly the Main Course”), and the company has recently made a number of hires, including bringing on former Vertigo editor Jamie S. Rich as Editor in Chief (see “Tapas Hires Jamie S. Rich”).