The Comic Book Shop in Spokane Valley, WA was burglarized on March 2, 2022 for $25,000 worth of merchandise, according a post on to their Facebook account.

The thieves smashed the front window of the shop and entered via the broken window. Once inside the shop, they ripped down the store's camera system and stole $25,000 worth of product including 18 Brilliant Stars Booster Boxes (see "'Brilliant Stars'") and 600 cards from a Magic and Pokemon singles case. The shop is trying to recover the footage from their mangled camera system to help identify the suspects.

In the process of breaking into the store, one of the thieves may have managed to injure themselves, as there was blood spatter on the broken glass from the front window. In their FB post, the shop requested that people look out for anyone suspicious attempting to sell them products that fit this description. Stolen TCG product can travel a long way from the scene of the crime to be fenced to unsuspecting retailers, as was the case with a string of TCG burglaries that recently occurred in the St. Louis area (see "Store Burglaries").