Mantic Games will soon release a half dozen plastic model kits for the Kings of War tabletop miniatures game, all featuring Ogres.  The new kits will be available starting November 21.

The Ogre Mega Army offers a complete force of Ogres, including 21 plastic Ogre Infantry with two-handed weapons and boomers, 3 plastic chariots, and 25 bases, plus a resin Ogre Warlord model.  MSRP is $165.00.

A somewhat smaller force can be found in the Ogre Army, which comes with 18 plastic Ogre Infantry with two-handed weapons and boomers along with a resin Ogre Warlock model and 19 bases.  $100.00 MSRP.

The Ogre Chariot Regiment kit features a trio of plastic Chariots with 3 plastic Ogre Warriors and 3 chariot bases.  $50.00 MSRP.

The Ogre Warriors Horde includes a total of 6 plastic Ogre models that can be equipped with a hand weapon and shield combination, two-handed weapons, or boomsticks and 6 bases.  $40.00 MSRP.

Those looking for a longer-ranged force can opt for the Ogre Shooters Horde, which has 6 plastic Ogre Infantry plus a resin Ogre Crossbow Upgrade kit and 6 bases.  $45.00 MSRP.

Rounding out the Ogre parade is the Ogre Siege Breaker Horde that includes 6 plastic Ogre Infantry and 2 resin Ogre Siegebreaker Upgrade kits plus 6 bases.  $50.00 MSRP.

Click Gallery below to see images of the models in the sets.

All the models come unpainted and some assembly is required.

The Ogres are featured in the new Sands of Ahmun starter set releasing next month (see “Mantic Games Will Release New ‘Kings of War’ Two-Player Starter Set”).  Their adversaries in that set, the Empire of Dust, appeared in two new sets that released this summer (see “Mantic Games Unveils Two ‘Kings of War’ Miniatures Boxed Sets”).