Mantic Games unveiled two Kings of War miniatures boxed sets for release in July 2022.

The Empire of Dust is the Ahmunite undead army that are hell bent on ending the living world. This army comes at enemies with skilled archers on horseback, other ranged troops, and high priests to back them up. The Empire of Dust Army boxed set comes with 40 Skeleton Infantry, 10 Revenant Cavalry, a Cursed High Priest on Horse, 40 20mm square bases, and 11 MDF cavalry bases. It will retail for $100.00.

The Empire of Dust Mega Army boxed set contains a much larger force of miniatures. It includes 40 Skeleton Infantry, 20 Revenant Cavalry, a Cursed High Priest/Pharaoh, an Army Standard Bearer on Horse, 3 Enslaved Guardians, 41 20mm square bases, 11 MDF cavalry bases, and 3 MDF 40mm square bases. It retails for $165.00.

Last year, Mantic Games launched an Empire of Dust Starter Fleet for Kings of War: Armada (see "'Armada' Expansion").

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