WizKids revealed both painted and unpainted versions of the Critical Role: Uk’otoa figure, which will release into retail September 2023.

This new gargantuan leviathan miniature comes in three parts: a head, a midsection, and a tail. Each section has its own base, so the figure can be spread out on the battlefield to represent the length of its serpentine coils. The Uk’otoa’s Head comes with a 75mm base, the Uk’otoa’s Midsection comes with a 75mm base, and the Uk’otoa’s Tail comes with a 50mm base. The unpainted version of this figure will retail for $89.99, and the painted version is $99.99.

WizKids also recently revealed Critical Role: The Mighty Nein Boxed Set, a new miniatures set, for release into retail (see "'Critical Role's' The Mighty Nein").

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