WizKids announced a number of new HeroClix releases spanning the next ten months at the company’s Fan Appreciation Event during the Gen Con game convention in Indianapolis.  The announcements include sets for Marvel HeroClix and DC HeroClix as well as a HeroClix Iconix set based on the adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

In December, WizKids will launch Marvel HeroClix:  Marvel Studios Next Phase, featuring more than 60 characters drawn from the Marvel Cinematic Universe offerings She-Hulk, Hawkeye, Moon Knight, Werewolf by Night, and I am Groot.  The set will be available in Booster Brick format with a $169.90 MSRP.  A Play at Home Kit will also be offered for $19.99.

To support the new set, WizKids is offering a Retail Chase Booster as a new promotional program, while supplies last.  Participating stores can order Retail Chase Boosters along with their initial orders for Marvel Studios Next Phase for their organized play programs.  Each booster will include special dice, three Bystander tokens, and three rare or higher figures.

HeroClix Iconix:  Sherlock Holmes will bring the famous occupants of 221B Baker Street to the tabletop in January.  This set offers some of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s best-known characters, including Dr. Watson, Professor Moriarty, Irene Adler, the Baskerville Hell Hound, and two versions of Sherlock himself.  A special thematic mystery card rounds out the set.  MSRP $39.99.

January will also see the DC HeroClix:  Gotham Villains Monthly Organized Play Kit.  Like this autumn’s Wakanda Forever and Spider-Verse kits (see “WizKids Reveals Two New ‘Marvel HeroClix Monthly OP Kits’”), the Gotham Villains set features exclusive limited-edition figures to support organized play in stores.  This set comes with four each of three of the Batman’s greatest foes, Two-Face, Penguin, and The Joker, along with a dozen Riddler Legacy cards.

Gotham Villains will be followed in February by the DC HeroClix:  Young Justice Monthly Organized Play Kit, which also offers four each of three models:  a new sculpt for Green Arrow’s sidekick Arsenal plus Wonder Girl and Teen Lantern, all with brand-new combat dials.  A dozen Wonder Girl Team-Up cards round out the set.

Marvel HeroClix:  Deadpool Weapon X will also emerge in February, focused on the Merc with a Mouth going all the way back to the character’s first appearance in New Mutants.  Alternative versions like Pandapool are featured, as well as versions of Wolverine, Domino’s Hotshots, and other X-Men.  The set will also have Duo Figure Chase figures.  Available as a Booster Brick with an MSRP of $169.90, Deadpool Weapon X will be supported with Retail Chase Boosters.

Peacemaker gets the premium treatment in March with the DC HeroClix Iconix:  Peacemaker on the Wings of Eagly set, featuring a total of six highly-detailed characters:  Peacemaker, Eagly, John Economos, Adebayo, Vigilante, and Harcourt.  MSRP $49.99.

In April, the Marvel HeroClix Iconix:  First Appearance Wolverine set will celebrate the introduction of the Wolverine character in The Incredible Hulk #181.  The set’s three figures center around the fight between Wolverine, Hulk, and Wendigo.  MSRP is $24.99.

Finishing up the announcements is the DC HeroClix Iconix:  Peacemaker Project Butterfly set, coming in May.  Intended for the collector, this set has limited-edition versions of Peacemaker, Judomaster, Clemson Murn, and an alien Butterfly.  MSRP is $34.99.

Click Gallery below for images of miniatures from these sets.

In November, WizKids will offer a Marvel HeroClix Iconix set featuring Tony Stark’s Iron Man suits (see “Enter ‘Marvel HeroClix Iconix:  Hall of Armor’”), following October’s Ghost Rider-themed Wheels of Vengeance (see “WizKids Reveals new ‘Marvel HeroClix’ Booster Set”).

Gen Con cast off the shadow of the pandemic, breaking 2019’s record attendance numbers (see “Gen Con 2023 News:  Gen Con Attendance Breaks 2019 Record”).