Critical Kit will release Punk is Dead, a new post-apocalyptic TTRPG, into retail in June 2024.

Punk is Dead comes to market via Critical Kit's recent exclusive distribution agreement with GTS Distribution (see "Exclusive with GTS Distribution").  The game, designed by Be Like Crow creator Tim Roberts, offers players another new spin on the popular Mork Borg mechanics, which have spawned several new RPGs (see "'Pirate Borg'", and also "'CY_BORG'").  It takes place in a devastated U.K. wasteland where players are trying to save a dying world and fend off ancient evils. While they are saving what's left of the U.K., players are also trying to pen killer songs to document their journey.

The game showcases more eye-popping artpunk illustrations that Mork Borg spinoffs are more or less known for.  It features an introductory scenario entitled "London Calling" that pits the players against capitalist vampires.  Punk is Dead is also fully compatible with other Mork Borg games.