Limithron launched Pirate Borg, a new pirate RPG, onto Kickstarter with estimated delivery in October 2022.

Pirate Borg is a standalone game based on and compatible with the dark art-punk RPG Mork Borg (see "Blackened Artpunk RPG 'MORK BORG'"). This new book offers up a rules light game that has players sailing the high-seas and battling hordes of skeletons, other pirates, and even the Kraken. It features a tool kit that can be converted and applied to most TTRPGs. The Kickstarter also has an add-on for a 5E Bestiary Zine which contains 5E stats for all the monsters and NPCs in the book. 

As of the publication of this article, the Kickstarter campaign is fully-funded at $57,028 with 1,360 backers (about $42 per backer). It includes a retailer reward level that comes with 5 Pirate Borg books, all of the digital assets, and physical stretch goals for a pledge of $75 or more.