Free League Publishing has offered more details about the upcoming launch of its dystopian science fiction role playing game CY_BORG, which will be available starting November 9.

Announced last year (see “Rage Against a Dystopic Future in ‘CY_BORG’”), CY_BORG offers a grim future inspired by dark industrial and underground hiphop music.  In a period of late-stage capitalism and climate collapse, cybernetically-enhanced outcasts must confront the corrupt forces that dominate society in the metropolis of Cy.

The CY_BORG Core Rulebook will include a description of Cy, from its rotting slums to its towering arcologies, complete with a way to generate random “Miserable Headlines” that give hints about the upcoming cataclysm and missions and encounters for the players to confront.  The book also has rules for character creation and resolving actions in the game.  The rules system is designed to be modular, allowing players and gamemasters to add optional rules to create the level of complexity they desire.  MSRP is $49.99.

Also announced is the CY_BORG Asset Pack, an accessory for CY_BORG game masters that features a high-resolution map of Cy, a pad with 34 one-page descriptions of locations in the city, complete with adventure hooks and random encounters, and a one-page adventure that challenges players to repossess the cybernetic legs of a champion killmatch fighter.  MSRP is $39.99.

CY_BORG is based on and compatible with Free League’s Mork Borg, which received a new sourcebook and GM screen earlier this year (see “Free League Reveals ‘Mork Borg Cult:  Heretic’ and ‘GM Screen’”).

Earlier this month, the company announced a 5E-compatible Lord of the Rings RPG (see “Free League Reveals ‘The Lord of the Rings RPG’ for 5E”) and a new edition of the Swedish RPG Drakar och Demoner under the title Dragonbane (see “Free League Announces ‘Dragonbane’”).