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Column by Rob Salkowitz
May 21, 2019
Rob Salkowitz looks at Marvel's new deal to make content for the Chinese market.
McFarlane, Capullo, Campbelll, Snyder, Alexander, Opena
May 21, 2019
The 300th issue of Todd McFarlane's Spawn comic series will feature an all-star creative team, including McFarlane, Capullo, Campbell, Snyder, Alexander, and Opena.
And Full Issue List Through October
May 20, 2019
In August, Marvel will launch its Absolute Carnage event with eight comics.
Prequel Miniseries
May 20, 2019
Marvel Comics will launch Age of Conan: Valeria, a new miniseries set before the events of Robert E. Howard’s final Conan story, Red Nails.
Annual Movies, Publishing Planned
May 19, 2019
Producer Steven Paul's SP Media Group has acquired majority ownership of the Atlas Comics library and has signed a deal with Paramount Pictures for movies.
Looney Labs Offers Updates
May 17, 2019
Looney Labs has offered an update to the previously announced Chrononauts edition features the characters and universe of Star Trek.
Deadpool, Wolverine, She-Hulk, Ghost Spider, Moon Knight
May 17, 2019
Marvel Comics has unveiled more forthcoming annuals that will be part of the summer Acts of Evil encounters line.
Includes Exclusive Variants, Special Item
May 16, 2019
Marvel Comics is offering retailers incentives for hosting House of X launch parties.
In Continuity with Current 'FF' Series
May 16, 2019
Marvel is adding a special release that will run in continuity with the current Fantastic Four ongoing series.
'Endgame,' 'Shazam!' Tie-Ins Make the Chart; 'My Hero Academia' Continues to Dominate
May 16, 2019
Titles tied to Avengers: Endgame and Shazam!, My Hero Academia, The Umbrella Academy top titles.
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