Restauranteur Andy Nguyen (Trill Burgers, Sonic Speed Café) and Toei Animation are partnering to open the first-ever One Piece Café in Las Vegas this month.  The new restaurant will offer foods inspired by the 1,100 episodes of the anime in a 2,000 square foot venue depicting Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat Crew on their high seas quest.  Exclusive merch will also be offered.

Image: Courtesy of Greatness LLC / One Piece Cafe
Menu items include Japanese Fruit Sando, Zoro's Onigiri, Tajio’s Beef Curry, and a Mighty Meats Pirates Platter.  Desserts include Stretchy Mochi Cookies, Big Mom's Wedding Cake, and Gum-Gum Fruit Mousse Bomb.  Beverages range from a Mikan Tangerine Slushy and "Pumpkin Juice" to the "All Blue Mocktail" and "Franky's Coke-a-Cola Ice Cream Float."

The restaurant opens Saturday, May 11 with character appearances by Luffy and Zoro and special giveaways.

Click Gallery below for One Piece Café food items!