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'My Hero Academia' Rebounds, 'Komi' Steals Fourth Place
July 11, 2019
Manga dominates the list of the Top 20 Adult Graphic Novels in the book channel.
'My Hero Academia' Moves Volumes, 'Saga' Rakes in the Dollars
July 11, 2019
The number three book, the hardcover of Saga: Book Three, has the highest dollar sale.
Two New Miniseries, Starring the Joker and the Question
July 11, 2019
The two new Jeff Lemire miniseries will star the Joker and the Question.
HBO Max Will Include Geek Reruns, Originals, 'Doom Patrol'
July 10, 2019
WarnerMedia has made the first official announcement of its upcoming streaming service, which will be called HBO Max.
One-Shot, Stand-Alone Title, New Arcs in Four Titles
July 09, 2019
John Constantine will be introduced via a one-shot, a new ongoing title, and related story arcs in other Sandman Universe titles.
And New Interior Artwork from Issue #1 and Character Designs
July 08, 2019
DC Comics has revealed the new cover art for issue #2 as well as some new interior art from issue #1 and new character designs.
Digital First, then Print
July 05, 2019
The upcoming RWBY and gen:LOCK comic series will be digital-first series to be followed by monthly print comics.
Marvel Plans 'Crazy' One-Shot
July 04, 2019
Marvel has announced a Crazy one-shot for release in September.
And Going Off Newsstand
July 04, 2019
DC Entertainment will cease publishing new material in the monthly issues of Mad Magazine, and distribution is also being cut back.
Key Fall Graphic Novels from Indy Publishers
July 02, 2019
Here’s a look at some intriguing Fall graphic novel titles from some lesser known publishers.
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