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'X-Treme Marvel,' Peach Momoko, Homages
August 2, 2022
The variants will include a month of “X-Treme Marvel,” a month of Peach Momoko covers, and a month of homages to comics of yesteryear.
Column by Rob Salkowitz
July 28, 2022
Columnist Rob Salkowitz raps up San Diego Comic-Con with his observations on the show.
Comic-Con Week Top Trailer Round-Up
July 25, 2022
SDCC News: There were tons of trailers released the week of San Diego Comic-Con, and we round up the top seven here.
New Expansion by Upper Deck
July 25, 2022
The Upper Deck Company revealed Marvel Legendary: The Infinity Saga, a new expansion, which is currently on preorder.
Plus: 'March' Sequel Named Best Graphic Memoir
July 25, 2022
SDCC News: Run, the sequel to John Lewis's multi-award winning March, won the Eisner for Best Graphic Memoir.
Superhero and Author Titles Get Boosts from Streaming
July 18, 2022
Comics with streaming tie-ins placed multiple volumes on the Superhero and Author charts.
Author Titles Up a Lot
July 18, 2022
Year over year sales of Superhero titles were down slightly, but Author sales were up.
Into Retail
July 15, 2022
Upper Deck will release Marvel Legendary: Black Panther, a new expansion, into retail.
Limited Series Spotlights Other Members of the 'Black Panther' Cast
July 8, 2022
Each issue of the limited series will focus on a different character from the world of Black Panther.
Sales Rankings (Units and Dollars) Based on Comic Store POS Data
July 7, 2022
These are unit and dollar sales rankings based on sales tracked at point-of-sale by the ComicHub system at stores selling American comics around the world.
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