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'A Great Idea'
May 9, 2005
Ned Stacey of Cosmic Cat Comics, Games & Anime in Tallahassee, Florida says Free Comic Book Day is 'a great idea.'
A Huge Success
July 5, 2004
Ned Stacey of Cosmic Cat Comics & Games in Tallahassee, Florida had a big day on Free Comic Book Day.
The International Comic Arts Association
May 4, 2004
Erik Enervold, a graphic designer and initiator of the Free Comic Book Day signage program, has announced the formation and launch of a 'progressive, non-profit trade organization to serve the comic book industry.'
To Encourage Young Collectors
December 14, 2003
Inkworks is offering retailers a 'Stocking Stuffer' promotion with the dual intent of providing stores with more 'kid-friendly' items and encouraging more youngsters to collect trading cards.
Including 'Gadguard'
November 3, 2003
Geneon (formerly Pioneer Animation) representatives at the Las Vegas ComicCon have announced the acquisition of North American rights to four new anime series.
Trouble in Trouble?
June 10, 2003
Bill Eckman of Classic Cards and Comics in Castle Rock, Colorado saw our articles on Trouble and sent us his thoughts and questions on the title.
May 26, 2003
Gail Burt of Metropolis Comics in Downey, California saw our recent Talk Back comment on Kevin Smith's late books and added her thoughts.
Where Are All the Kids At?
November 23, 2002
Tim Davis of Alternate Reality in Chicago, Illinois sent us this well-thought-out and impassioned plea for publishers to produce comics that can be sold to young children.
Is Marvel Giving Sales Advice to Upper Deck?
July 1, 2002
Stan Tychinski of Collectible Dreams in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania took an extra sarcasm pill before composing this missive. He's upset about the Yu-Gi-Oh shortage for the hobby, among other things.
Total Value Over $3000!!
August 4, 2001
This is a listing of all of the great stuff available to the store that wins our Shojo Display Contest. The total value of these prizes is over $3,100, and it could all be yours.
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