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To Ship in Waves
April 27, 2003
Orders for ShadowRun: Duels are coming in at nearly twice the expected levels,...
'Scourge Of The Worlds' Out in June
April 17, 2003
Sc ourge of Worlds -- A Dungeons & Dragons Adventure isn't just your ordinary computer-animated cartoon--it's a truly interactive DVD with 20 decision points where viewers can make different choices,...
In July
April 14, 2003
Paizo Publishing, publishers of Dragon, Dungeon , and Star Wars Insider magazines, has made its decision and will be releasing the first issue of Undefeated in July.
To Comply with OGL and d20 License
April 13, 2003
Fast Forward has pulled off sale and destroyed its remaining inventory of four products that contained material owned by Wizards of the Coast.
March 22, 2003
Paizo Publishing, publisher of Dragon, Dungeon , and Star Wars Insider magazines, is evaluating a new magazine, Undefeated , with an eye toward launch this summer.
Forbeck's Redhurst Academy of Magic
March 15, 2003
Human Head Studios has announced its first paper game -- The Redhurst Academy of Magic , by game industry veteran Matt Forbeck.
Fall Debut Planned
January 19, 2003
Wizards of the Coast is planning to release a D&D CMG this fall utilizing pre-painted plastic miniatures in starter sets and boosters.
Plus Free Food, Schwag!
January 5, 2003
Major new product announcements are planned for the GAMA Trade Show, the game industry event for retailers, which will be held at the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas March 17th through March 20th.
Phenomenon, Deal, Controversy of the Year
December 29, 2002
We chose organized play as the Game Phenomenon of the Year, the Wizards of the Coast divestitures as the Game Deal of the Year,...
'We Are Committed'
December 20, 2002
The news that Wizards of the Coast would be cutting back on non-WotC RPGs in its chain of retail stores elicited the following response from Don Williams, Public Relations Manager for Wizards of the Coast, which is the first offical statement on the topic from the company.
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