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To Hold Their Lead?
April 28, 2004
Aaron Bynum, the chief news editor of Animation Insider, saw the news on Tokyopop's TV advertising for its manga titles and sent us this comment.
'The Question Is Not One of Loyalty'
April 11, 2004
Buddy Saunders of Lone Star Comics in Arlington and the greater Dallas Metroplex saw the comments by Torsten Adair of Barnes & Noble and David Craig of My Underground Lair and sent us his thoughts on mass market competition with specialty stores.
The Success Is Tied Into Your Own Excitement
March 25, 2004
Jim Schifeling of Acme Comics in Normal, Illinois has seen the recent comments on Free Comic Book Day and feels that retailers get out in proportion to what they put in.
'Have Parents Get Involved'
February 11, 2004
John Jelley of Pymrimid Comics and Games in Sierra Vista, Arizona saw these Talk Back comments on retailer responsibility and sent us his reaction.
'Know Your Stock'
February 3, 2004
David Bigas of Wyldstar in Oshawa, Ontario saw Michael Tierney's comments on comic ratings and shared his reaction.
And Godzilla and Monsters
August 16, 2003
Jon Huston talked to ICv2 recently to let us know what's coming for the Cthulhu, Monty Python, Godzilla, and Here Be Monsters lines.
'Open Letter to the Internet'
July 31, 2003
Peter Adkison, owner of GenCon, issued this open letter on the recently completed GenCon Indy.
Plus Free Food, Schwag!
January 5, 2003
Major new product announcements are planned for the GAMA Trade Show, the game industry event for retailers, which will be held at the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas March 17th through March 20th.
Phenomenon, Deal, Controversy of the Year
December 29, 2002
We chose organized play as the Game Phenomenon of the Year, the Wizards of the Coast divestitures as the Game Deal of the Year,...
Response to Furferri of Empire
September 16, 2002
Gail Burt of Metropolis Comics in Downey, California concurred with longtime retailer James Furferri's comments to Marvel--listening to retailers could save costly mistakes.
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