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Launching in August
February 20, 2015
VIZ Media has acquired rights to My Hero Academia , the story of a teen’s quest to become a superhero.
@JonnySun, 'Wonder Woman', 'My Lesbian Experience...', 'Valerian', More!
July 14, 2017
From the biggest movie of the summer to Twitter, the June 2017 Top 20 Adult Fiction Graphic Novel chart provided exclusively to ICv2 by NPD BookScan displays fascinating trends and influences.
Big Two Blanked on Current Core Characters
August 3, 2017
Neither Marvel nor DC placed a volume featuring its current core characters in the July 2017 Top 20 Adult Fiction Graphic Novel chart provided exclusively to ICv2 by NPD BookScan.
Releases Accelerated to Catch Up with Japanese Schedule
October 9, 2017
VIZ Media announced it will begin releasing My Hero Academia manga volumes at an increased pace in 2018.
'The Walking Dead,' Plus Two Big New Hits
November 2, 2017
Two new titles with the potential to be on the list for a while took the second and third slots in October.
'Black Panther' Moves Up
March 5, 2018
Marvel's three Black Panther volumes by Ta-Nehisi Coates moved up on the book channel bestseller charts as the hit movie released, based on NPD BookScan data for February provided to ICv2.
Check out Actual Book Channel BookScan Sales on Bestsellers in Three Categories
April 12, 2018
The Superhero chart is extremely top-heavy, with the number two book selling less than half as many units as the top seller.
Sales Down from March but Up from January and February
May 7, 2018
The drop-off from the top two slots is sharper.
Plus Other Manga Announcements from Anime Expo
July 9, 2018
Last week’s Anime Expo was the venue for a number of major announcements from American manga publishers.
From Shinobi 7
July 9, 2018
Shinobi 7 will release My Hero Academia: The Card Game based on the popular anime.
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