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Kids' Market Stays Solid in Tough Times
May 12, 2020
Kids graphic novels are still growing despite pandemic shutdowns.
'I Can't Hold Out That Long'
May 11, 2020
Long-lived comic store says shutdown was too long.
Spot the Differences
May 11, 2020
The chart includes new releases that were distributed in the book channel but not in comic stores due to the Diamond Comic Distributors shutdown.
Big Impact in the First Full Month of Coronavirus Impact
May 11, 2020
While the bookstore closures and other coronavirus effects have not wiped out adult graphic novel sales, they have definitely had a big impact.
Company Loses $5.7 Million
May 8, 2020
Funko's Q1 results showed the effects of the global coronavirus pandemic, with a loss of $5.7 million.
637 Stores Receiving Relief
May 7, 2020
The Book Industry Charitable Foundation is planning a disbursement of over $950,000 to comic stores from the Comicbook United Fund on May 12.
And Why They Should Die in the Coronavirus Era
May 7, 2020
It's time to lay them to rest. They're an anachronism, and have been for at least a decade.
As Collectibles Continue Surprising Quarantine Performance
May 5, 2020
Original art by five premier artists drew six figure prices in last week's $9 million Heritage Auction, with comics, Pokemon, and video games all bringing strong prices as well.
Column by Scott Thorne
May 4, 2020
This week, Scott Thorne looks at Konami’s organized play announcement and shares a thoughtful piece by Chad Boudreau of ComicReaders in Regina, Saskatchewan about the future of games and organized play in their store.
From Bushiroad
April 30, 2020
Bushiroad has announced Festival Collection and Premium Collection 2020 for CardFight!! Vanguard , both launching on August 7.
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