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From Bushiroad
April 30, 2020
Bushiroad has announced Festival Collection and Premium Collection 2020 for CardFight!! Vanguard , both launching on August 7.
Snails, Fires, Dinosaurs, and Astronauts
April 28, 2020
With school cancelled all over the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic, nonfiction graphic novels are a logical tool for homeschooling parents.
Forever, for New Customers
April 28, 2020
In a unique twist, Steamforged Games is offering stores the same commission on all future purchases made by that customer.
Publishing Through the Pandemic
April 27, 2020
We talked to Siegel about how First Second Books is adjusting to the COVID-19 epidemic and what he is seeing as the physical distribution system goes through seismic shifts.
Column by Milton Griepp
April 23, 2020
I’ve seen a lot of turmoil and disruption, but I’ve never seen anything like what’s happening in this, our first plague year.
Binc Vehicle for Comic Store Relief
April 22, 2020
The ComicBook United Fund, administered by Binc, will provide relief for comic stores.
Geek Movie News Round-Up
April 22, 2020
Hollywood continues the coronavirus shuffle for movie dates, plus two big new movies in the pipe as we round up geek movie news.
ICv2 Interview: We Learn More About the Organization, and Its Programs
April 19, 2020
We inteview the Executive Director and Communications Coordinator of the Book Industry Charitable Foundation to find out how it became the lead organization helping comic and book retailers survive the coronavirus crisis.
Premier Level Events Suspended
April 16, 2020
Fantasy Flight Games has pushed back its organized play events substantially in response to the coronavirus pandemic.
Allocations Ahead
April 16, 2020
Wizards of the Coast has warned that half of its intended quantities of Magic: The Gathering - Commander 2020 have been delayed and will not be available at release.
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