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Golden Age Artist Collaborates on 'Good Girl' Manga
May 14, 2001
Jerry Robinson is participating in a unique international collaboration with Ken-ichi Oishi (Hotel ) and Shojin Tanaka to create a science fiction manga.
Pokemon Packager Pursues Replacement
April 29, 2001
4 Kids Entertainment, the company that packaged Pokemon for the U.S. market has licensed Yu-Gi-Oh , the anime series/collectible card game that trumped Pokemon in Japan. A 27-episode television series and an accompanying collectible card game were hugely popular in Japan in 1998.
Focus on DC Artist Phil Jimenez
April 24, 2001
On Wednesday April 18, 2001, the Washington Post printed a lengthy article by Hank Stuever that focused on DC artist Phil Jimenez and his obsession with Wonder Woman . Stuever's essay covers the entire history of the character, who first appeared some sixty years ago just one month before Pearl Harbor.
Also Escaflowne, Angel Links, Saber Marionette
April 9, 2001
Bandai Entertainment will release a DVD featuring four episodes of The Big O on June 19, 2001. The Big O DVD will include the full, uncut, Japanese version of the anime.
Score Goes Back to Press
April 1, 2001
The latest DBZ collectible card game release, The Trunks Saga , has sold out the first print run. With demand still strong, Score is going back to press.
Free Love, Libel Charges, and Collectibility Gone Mad!
March 25, 2001
Sometimes the pop culture products industry gets pretty wild and woolly, and last week was such a time, with three stories in different venues providing some diversion from our regularly scheduled programming.
Streets March 27
March 25, 2001
Koch Records will release Pokemon 3: The Ultimate Soundtrack on March 27, 2001. This enhanced CD will include music from the third Pokemon film as well as from the Johto Journey TV shows.
Inks Euro Distribution Deal with Pathe
March 22, 2001
Manga Entertainment is releasing the DVD of Osamu Tezuka' Black Jack on April 24, 2001. The DVD will include English 5.1 Surround Sound and audio tracks as well as a Japanese stereo audio track.
March 20, 2001
The Cartoon Network's Toonami Block, which is largely composed of imported anime titles such as Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon, Outlaw Star , and Ronin Warriors , has posted impressive gains in viewership over the past year.
Basic Info about Dark Horse Comics
March 19, 2001
Company profile on Dark Horse Comics, Inc.
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