Column by Scott Thorne
August 13, 2018

This week, Scott Thorne comments on recent news from Target, Gen Con, and Amazon.

Column by Paul Levitz
August 12, 2018
In this column, Paul Levitz offers numerous ways that comic retailers can connect with colleges, community colleges, and schools to find new customers.
Week of August 14, 2018
August 12, 2018
Disney kicked off the fall home entertainment series early this year with the release of Avengers: Infinity War, the biggest global hit of 2018 so far, and there are other offerings of great interest including the latest season of Arrow, the first season of the excellent Stephen King-based Mr. Mercedes, the final season of SyFy's 12 Monkeys, plus an intriguing post-apocalyptic anime movie, Planetarian.
Doubles Tracking Number
August 12, 2018
The Meg, a years-in-the-making action fantasy about a mammoth prehistoric shark with a B-list cast of western actors led by Jason Statham, doubled its tracking numbers and took a $44.5 million bite out of the weekend box office.
Column by Rob Salkowitz
August 7, 2018
Rob Salkowitz takes a fresh look at the growing digital collectibles market at the San Diego Comic-Con tech pavilion.
Column by Scott Thorne
August 6, 2018
So far the following new releases have really piqued my interest.
Week of August 7, 2018
August 5, 2018
These are the dog days for home entertainment releases, but there are some interesting offerings on disc this week, including what is quite likely the best adaptation yet of the Death of Superman saga, along with the second seasons of Star Wars Rebels, a LEGO/DC Aquaman animated feature, and the second season of Riverdale.
'The Black Panther' Only 3rd Film to Earn $700 Million in North America
August 5, 2018
After a solid, but somewhat underwhelming debut, given the film’s critical pedigree and pre-release buzz, the Tom Cruise-starring Mission: Impossible - Fallout demonstrated some strong staying power.
Column by Rob Salkowitz
July 31, 2018
This week, Rob Salkowitz looks for trends at San Diego and at the possible impacts of the Saga hiatus, at Adams' departure from IDW, and at a twist to the first ReedPOP show in Africa.
Column by Scott Thorne
July 30, 2018
Here are three reasons why the sale of Asmodee to a private equity firm should not concern anyone in the industry.
Column by Scott Thorne
July 23, 2018
This week, Scott Thorne looks at the impact of Wizards of the Coast's recent decision on each tier of the supply chain.
'The Equalizer 2' Noses Out 'Mamma Mia' Sequel
July 22, 2018
There is an even bigger element of “déjà vu” at the 2018 summer box office than is normal, even in sequel happy Hollywood. For the first time ever eight of the ten top films at the box office this weekend were sequels.