This week’s home entertainment releases include the remake of 1980s Stephen King-based horror film,  the body-swapping comedy Little, the steamy college romance After, and the highbrow science fiction film High Life, plus the final season of the comics-inspired Gotham TV series as well as the 2019 season of the Syfy fantasy series The Magicians.

Theatrical Movies

One of the problems at the box office in 2019 has been the lukewarm reception of a number of horror film remakes like Childs’ Play and Pet Sematary (Paramount, “R,” 100 min., $29.98, BD $39.99, 4K $34.98).  While the 2019 film does take the story in a few new directions, it doesn’t differentiate itself enough from the 1989 original.

Also due on Tuesday is the somewhat conventional, but still fun body-swapping comedy Little (Universal, “PG-13,” 109 min., $24.98, BD $29.98), which benefits from a great cast led by Regina Hall, Issa Rae, and Marsai Martin.

For those who enjoy “steaming romance” among the young beautiful, there is After (Universal, “PG-13,” 106 min., $29.98, BD $34.98), which is based on Anna Todd’s internet fiction that was heavily influenced by 50 Shades of Grey.  Suffice it to say that the book demanded at least an “R” rated adaptation, but there is still some smoldering heat in this “bad boy” romance, though if you aren’t into watching scenes of heavy petting, this one moves pretty slowly.

For those who like highbrow science fiction there is Claire Denis’ High Life (Lionsgate, “R,” $19.98, BD $24.98), a dark and pessimistic film about a group of criminals sent on a dangerous mission to explore the possibility of extracting energy from black holes.  Comic book movie fans should note that the next Batman, Robert Pattinson gets a chance to display his considerable acting talents in High Life.


This week’s top release is Gotham: Season 5 (Warner Bros., $25.98, BD $$29.98), the final season of the TV series set in Gotham City that focuses on Jim Gordon, Bruce Wayne, and a host of Bat-villains, which makes for a real free-for-all in Season 5.   The slickly-produced Gotham TV series also benefited from solid casting—but it might be too dark and gritty for some.

Also of interest is the latest season of the SyFy fantasy series, The MagiciansThe Magicians: Season 4 (Universal, 579 min., $39.98, BD $44.98), which contains the 13-episode fourth season that debuted in January of 2019.

The only other American TV release due on Tuesday is the final season of the Comedy Central show, Broad City, Broad City: Season 5 (Comedy Central, 222 min., $26.98).

The top overseas release is Masterpiece Mystery--Endeavour: Season Six (PBS, 360 min., $39.99, BD $49.99), which collects the latest season of the prequel to the popular and long-running Inspector Morse.

One vintage series that horror film fans might want to check out is the Canadian-produced Forever Knight: The Complete Series (Mill Creek, 3163 min., $64.98), a massive 12-disc set that collects all 70 episodes of the 1990s series about a 13th Century vampire, who atones for his sins by working nights as Toronto policeman.  Forever Knight is one of the more interesting vampire TV series ever produced.


After a bonanza last week, there is only one new anime series slated to debut on Tuesday, the Island Complete Collection (Funimation, 300 min., BD/DVD Combo $64.98), which collects the 12-episode 2018 series from Studio Feel that is based on the sci-fi/romance visual novel developed by Feel Wing.

The only other “new” release is a first Blu-ray edition of the 4-episode 1999 Madhouse series Pet Shop of Horrors: Complete Collection (Sentai Filmworks, 100 min., BD $19.98), which is based on the horror manga created by Matsuri Akino.