Disney Lorcana has hit the streets, and the market is trying to price singles cards for this game. The price shifts on these cards have been daunting, especially from a retail perspective. I've seen prices going all over the place on certain cards in the last couple weeks, usually with wild, giant swings. And, of course, the Enchanted Rares are kind of their own animal, ranging from $90 to $350. It's a very confusing, but very magical Disney world right now on the singles card scene.

In order to help sort out what's going on here, I've decided to offer my opinion on the best cards in Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter. For brand-new TCGs, generally singles prices are determined by rarity and function in gameplay, and in the case of Disney Lorcana, it's mostly about function right now. There are a few cards that have been creeping up in value simply because they are just good in the game. So, without further ado, here are my picks for best cards in Disney Lorcana (prices listed as TCGplayer market price):

Rapunzel, Gifted with Healing ($50). Legendary Rapunzel is an excellent draw card that also removes damage from characters. She provides excellent synergy for Amber decks as they tend to rely on getting a lot of less beefy characters into play really fast, and drawing cards to refill their hand. Rapunzel helps the little guys stay alive and draws cards, so she is solid.

Mickey Mouse, Brave Little Tailor ($25). This card is just simply one of the best finishers in the game. Mickey has great stats, makes lots of Lore, and has Evasive so he can't be easily Banished. This card is a staple for Ruby decks, and there is no reason not to play it.

Belle, Strange But Special ($45). Belle is, in fact, very special. She provides a boost to Ink production in the mid-game, and in the late game, she becomes a Lore-producing machine. Easily one of the best cards in the game, and she comes in a pricey Enchanted Rare form ($222).

Tinker Bell, Giant Fairy ($25). Big Tink is just a bomb, plain and simple. It is probably the most unfair card in the game when it comes to Banishing characters. When she comes into play, she immediately deals 1 damage to all of an opponent's characters. Then, as she mops up remaining characters in challenges, she just starts popping other characters for 2 damage. On top of all that, she is a Steel character which has access to Fire the Cannons!, Smash, and other removal actions, so it's not very hard for her to control a board state if she isn't Banished. She also comes as an Enchanted Rare version ($189).

Lilo, Making a Wish ($15). Great cards don't necessarily need to be flashy. Amber Lilo is just rare, makes two Lore, and costs one Ink to put into play. A simple, yet perfect for Amber decks.

Be Prepared ($15). This Action Song card is just The Great Equalizer for Ruby players. It wipes all the characters off the board, so that Ruby players can gain a strategic advantage or just get rid of all the Stitches that might be causing a problem. Wrath of God has never been bad in a card game. 

A Whole New World ($15). I've basically been raving about this Song ever since we spoiled it on ICv2 (see "'Disney Lorcana' Song Cards"). Why in the world anyone would print an under-costed Wheel of Fortune into a TCG again is beyond me (let alone in an Ink color that could empty its hand fast)? Yet, here we are! The card is in Lorcana, it can draw speedy Steel/Sapphire players an entire new hand by simply exerting a 5-cost chracter, and potentially give them massive card advantage with Ink to spare.

In addition to the best cards, I also have a couple sleepers that deserve some attention:

Mother Gothel, Selfish Manipulator ($2.60). Mother Gothel has the unique ability to prevent your opponent from Questing (and winning the game). I'll be honest, this card confuses me. I want to believe this card is good, it's got a great stifling ability that fits right into control-style decks. It's just not good yet because Emerald is the most underpowered Ink color in the first set.

Fishbone Quill ($5.73). The Quill isn't exactly a sleeper, but it is probably undervalued for what it does. It allows Sapphire players to basically put an extra Ink into play every turn and it only costs three Ink to play. Ramping up Ink to bring more costly characters into play earlier is a major advantage in games of Lorcana

Tamatoa, So Shiny! ($2.50). The glam monster crab is another card that I believe gets better as more sets get released, and potentially has an entire deck build around him in the future. Tamatoa produces +1 Lore for each item in play, but there aren't too many under-costed items in the game right now. I could see there being a Turbo Tamatoa deck one day that just slams a zillion cheap Ink cost items into play, uses the "A Whole New Wheel of Fortune" to draw into him, and wins by plopping him onto the field to Quest for lots of Lore. Keep an eye on the Shiny One!

We should find out in Q4 2023 which cards get a boost and which don't, when Ravensburger moves onto the next chapter of the game. Until then, stay shiny, my friends (so shiny).

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