As part of its 10th Anniversary celebration Tokyopop is instituting a new, more comprehensive rating system for its graphic novel releases.  In addition to a set of five different age ratings,  'A' for All Ages, 'Y' for 10+, 'T' for 13+, OT for 16+, and 'M' for 18+, that was announced yesterday (see 'Tokyopop Launches Comprehensive Rating System'), Tokyopop has provided ICv2 with a list of 'content indicators' that form the basis for its age ratings.  Where in the past the only information on a book's cover in addition to the age rating was the parental advisory on shrink-wrapped 18+ titles, under the new system Tokyopop will be indicating what content factors were involved in the book's age rating.  Tokyopop will institute the new rating system beginning in the fall of 2007.  Here's a look at the content indicators that Tokyopop established with the help of consultant Michele Gorman:


A = All Ages

Cartoon Violence

Potty Humor

Slapstick Humor


Y = 10+

Mild Language

Fantasy Violence



T = Teens 13+

Moderate Language


Mild Violence

Mild Gore

Crude Humor

Sexual Innuendo

Mild Sexual language

Non-sexual Nondescript Nudity

Mild Sexuality/Sexual Themes

Mild Fanservice

Tobacco Use/Reference

Alcohol Reference

Illegal Drug Reference



OT = Older Teens 16+

Strong Language

Moderate Sexual Language

Moderate Violence

Moderate Sexual Violence

Moderate Gore

Non-sexual Partial Nudity

Non-sexual - Full Body Nudity

Sexual-Partial Nudity

Sexual Nondescript Nudity

Sexual Humor

Representation of Pornography

Moderate Sexuality/Sexual Themes

Moderate Fanservice

Alcohol Use

Illegal Drug Use


M = Mature 18 + (shrink wrapped; content advisory label on cover)

Excessive Language

Explicit Sexual Language

Intense Violence

Explicit Sexual Violence

Excessive Gore

Sexual Full Body Nudity

Explicit Sexuality/Sexual Themes


Explicit fanservice